One of These is Not Like The Other


As some of the most OCD 20-somethings you will meet, we are no strangers to all the crafty life hacks out there for all of life’s sticky situations.  

We’ve tried almost every DIY or life hack solution for emergencies in need of a quick fix. Coffee stain on your blouse right before that big presentation at work? Magically erased by mom’s go-to baking soda remedy. Big pimple overnight right before your first date? Not a worry with the face mask made from ingredients in your fridge.

But wrinkles in your clothes? That’s a different story.

When we came across the solutions below, however, we were stumped. How could any of these random household supplies solve the same timeless problem: wrinkled clothes. But are the “hacks” below really the answer? Some of them make us question just how desperate all those wrinkle-freaks out there are to find the perfect DIY solution (and we thought we were crazy).

See for yourself:

The Tea Kettle Method

Fill your tea kettle with water (because of course everyone owns a tea kettle) and wait for it to boil (yawn). Twist your arm in ways that would impress a contortionist, and maybe, just maybe, you can get the angle just right to hit the big wrinkles without dousing yourself in boiling water.

The Ice Cube Method

Throw your clothes in a dryer on the highest setting, then add a handful of ice cubes to the mix. The melting ice (supposedly) will act as steam to release wrinkles. Shrinking my new favorite shirt just because of some wrinkles? Definitely not worth the risk.

The Shower Steam Method

Also known as: The lazy man’s method for wrinkle removal. Leave wrinkled garments in the bathroom as you take a hot shower. Allow steam to work its “magic.” Meanwhile, the garment is now damp and just as wrinkled as it was 10 minutes ago. Voila.

The Hair Dryer or Hair Straightener Method

Both involve the word hair. Emphasis on the hair. Anyone else picturing your favorite dress burning up in flames?

The Tin Foil Method

I don’t even know what to say about this one…

The Vinegar Method

Pour one part vinegar and three parts water into a spray bottle. Spray clothes with the world’s worst smelling cleaning product. Enjoy wrinkle free clothes (fresh vinegar scent = added bonus).

The Mattress Method

Roll your clothes into a tight “burrito” shape. Place said burrito under mattress for a half hour to release wrinkles… because of course everyone has that half hour to spare when they are rushing to get ready.

I don’t know about you, but these all seem like a hassle, a danger (see line: clothing catching on fire), a mess, or a deadly combo.

How, in the age of self-driving cars and Alexa knowing when I need toothpaste, is there no device to solve this problem quickly and easily?

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photocreds: @jooleeloren